GIANT CANDY BARS – making maple candy.

Giant Candy Bars

    candy bars

  • A chocolate bar is a confection in bar form comprising some or all of the following components: cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, milk. The relative presence or absence of these components form the subclasses of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.
  • (candy bar) a candy shaped as a bar
  • (CANDY BAR) an Overseas Service Stripe for six-months of duty; see HERSHEY BAR. Also, a unit recognition bar or “half-flash” worn on a beret by trainees or unqualified MIL-PERS assigned to SOF units [nb: this practice was discontinued during the organization of US Army Sp Opns Cmd (ARSOC) and


  • An imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size
  • elephantine: of great mass; huge and bulky; “a jumbo jet”; “jumbo shrimp”
  • (in Greek mythology) Any of the beings of this kind who rebelled unsuccessfully against the gods of Olympus
  • any creature of exceptional size
  • colossus: a person of exceptional importance and reputation
  • An abnormally tall or large person, animal, or plant

giant candy bars

giant candy bars – Funkyfoodshop's Giant

Funkyfoodshop's Giant Mini Candy Bar Sampler
Funkyfoodshop's Giant Mini Candy Bar Sampler
Mini candy bars are one of life’s little pleasures but having the same mini candy bar day after day tends to get a little monotonous. To solve this small dilemma, Funkyfoodshop has gathered 11 of our favorite miniature candy bars into one great mix in a nifty gift box featuring our Giant Mini characters. You will receive one and a half pounds of mini candy bars including Snickers, Nestles Crunch, Clark Bar, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Twix Caramel, Hershey, Three Musketeers, Crackle, Hersheys Special Reserve Dark and chocolate Space Food Stick. A low-cost gift which includes over 40 fun-sized items, Funkyfoodshop’s Giant Mini Candy Bar Sampler is sure to be a hit with folks who like to add a little sweetness to their day

this is not a candy bar.

this is not a candy bar.
went to the "virginia bazaar flea market" with my friend elizabeth today. it’s about 1.5 hrs from me, so it was a teeny road trip down south, hoping to stumble upon some good finds. neither of us had been before, so we really didn’t know what to expect.

now, i’m a fan of thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets. i like to find those few unique things you’d probably see nowhere else, or come upon some stuff you haven’t seen in forever (like old school lunchboxes, haha).

well, most of the stuff was kinda junky. inside the place were people that had regular booths, mostly stuff they collected themselves, or things they made themselves. the parking lot was a free for all for whomever wanted to sell whatever they wanted. elizabeth was actually the one that came across this gigantic universal remote control. it was too ridiculous to pass up, and, only ONE DOLLAR. sweet deal to me! aaaand it works! hahaha. i have to use two hands to press the buttons on this thing. it’s just totally absurd, but, i did look it up and apparently it’s mainly used for people with poor eyesight and hand problems.

it’s mainly going to be used because of its pure giant awesomeness. hahaha.

Giant Candy Bars !

Giant Candy Bars !
I’ll have one of each please ! 😛

The Chocolate Show – Lille – 9th March 2012.